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Age 14 -20

Grade 6-8

Learn more about our program and the benefits
of Discovering Your Future in Exploring.

3 Ways to Join


Recruitment Events

Recruitment events and open houses take place throughout the year and may be held at your local school or at one of our participating organizations. During these events you will have the opportunity to meet with a club sponsor or post advisor, get questions answered, and fill out an application to join. These events are scheduled by the club or post leader. Information may be found on the website of your local council.


Register Online

Exploring now offers an online application process that can be completed from start to finish without a single piece of paper changing hands.


Contact Your Local Council

Your local council will be able to help assist you in the joining process. They can direct you to your district and closest club or post.


If your business or organization is considering the impact you can have on young people in your community through the Exploring program, find more information at


  • Can an Explorer join more than one post or club?

    Yes, an Explorer can join more than one post or club without having to pay the annual Exploring participation fee twice or more.

  • How much does Exploring cost?

    The annual registration fee is $50. Some local councils collect a nominal fee for accident and sickness coverage. Also, some posts and clubs collect an additional program fee to subsidize the cost of uniforms, gear or equipment.

  • Are there scholarships available?

    Yes. Click here to see the complete list.